Free 'O' Level Physics formula sheet !!!

FREE !!!! 
'O' Level Physics formula sheet
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A consolidation all the useful physics formula for your revision. Hope you all find it useful and good luck for your examinations!!!!

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  1. Hey I Am a student of O Level my problem is this that even though i learnt all by heart and understood well, but at the time to solve past paper i can;t seem to understand anything at all
    P.s. I am not dumb or anything it just that .. idon't probelm with physic i guess.....

  2. Understanding and breaking down the question set and problem is also another important aspect if you want to do well in exam.

  3. Hi! iam an olevel student i've learned all the formulas but whn i try to solve past papers i frget i jus wnted to ask how can i make physics learning more exciing cuz iam not taking anyy tuitions n i feel i dontkno ny thing.

  4. The key is to understand those formulas. When you understand those formula and make sense of them, it will be very difficult to forget them.

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  6. hey

    giving my physics exams in this may

    could you guide how to revise and learn?

  7. awesome thanks for sharing

  8. By any chance, do you have a formula list for A math and E math as well?

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