How to improve your Physics – Peer tutoring

An effective way to help you improve your physics or in fact any other subjects is peer tutoring. Below is a saying on teaching which I believe dearly:

Tell me and I forget.
Show me and I remember.
Involve me and I understand.

These are the exact words which I lived by during my education. Actually, I am living by these words even now when I am out in the working world. Whenever I have the opportunity, I will always try to teach and share my knowledge with my fellow students or co-worker. Doing this has always to help me understand and learn more about what I am teaching. In fact being a physics tutor giving physics tuition has also strengthened my fundamentals in physics and allows me to understand more of what I may have missed in the past. Peer tutoring is a very good way to get students involve in learning so that they are not just passive learner receiving information. In this article I am going to going to share with you 8 benefits of peer tutoring.
  1. More attention given to students – peer tutoring is usually conducted on a one to one/two basis. This means that the student tutor can devote more attention and time to effectively assist the student that needs help.
  2. Ease of communication – it is not surprising that the student tutor will be able to understand and communicate with their fellow student better. This can help when they are trying to explain difficult concepts.
  3. Regular contact with positive peer model – the regular contact with the student tutor can be beneficial since the student can learn from the positive role model on their studying habits, practices as well as techniques.
  4. Stimulated to learn – the student may be stimulated to learn and excel in subjects so that they can be a student tutor and enjoy the process of teaching and being an active learner as well.
  5. Reinforcing concepts – Teaching will get you more involved and know much more about the subjects. This will undoubtedly reinforce your concepts and enable you to have a better understanding of the subjects. You will be an active learner and not just a passive one.
  6. Improve self confidence and communication skills – As you teach and share with your peers, you will unknowingly develop self confidence and communications skills. These are very useful traits to have as you go on to work.
  7. Rewarding and enjoyable – Being able to share knowledge and help your peers is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Active learning will also greatly increase your interest in a subject.
  8. Enhance problem solving and organization skills – Having the opportunity to teach your peers, you will be exposed to a variety of good and difficult questions. This will definitely improve your problem solving skills. Your organizational skills will also be trained as you organize your thoughts clearly to convey to your peers
I hoped that after sharing with you the benefits of peer tutoring, you can see that peer tutoring creates a win-win situation where both the student tutor and the student both benefit. I cannot stop preaching to my student during physics tuition classes that peer tutoring is an effective studying method to adopt and you all should not selfishly hide your knowledge from your peers and hope that you will perform better than them during examinations. I truly believe that by sharing and teaching what you know with peer tutoring, both you and your peers will benefit much more and can all do much better in examinations.

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  1. Hey.
    All students need to know this comments:
    1). Tell me and I forget.
    2). Show me and I remember.
    3}. Involve me and I understand.