How to study effectively

Welcome to my blog on Physics tuition (A tutor's blog sharing effective studying and examination technique)

I have shared quite a few useful tips on examination and how to study effectively. They are pretty much scattered in this blog and i am sure some of you have difficulty looking for the useful information.

The following list of links are my suggestions on key posts on the above topic. I hope you will find them useful.

Examination tips
How to study for exam. It has a series of 8 posts and you can find the links in the post.

Studying technique
Improve your results in 4 simple steps
3 technique to better physics results 

Memory technique
10 steps to mind mapping
6 ways to improve your memory

The Last Lecture
The secret to doing well in exam

I will add to this post as i post more useful tips on exam and studying.

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  2. Thanks! Glad that you find this useful.