The secret to doing well in exams

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Today in this article I am going to share with all of you, parents and students, the secret to doing well in exams. Well strictly speaking it’s not really a secret. It’s an important aspect of education that most people know but have often neglected. Actually, most schools in Singapore have also failed to realize this important aspect in the past. Recently, some schools have been trying to include this aspect of education into their curriculum. Curious on what it is? Well let me go right into it.

I believe that most of you have read a lot about studying techniques, tricks and tips to help you do well in exams. You may have also learned or heard about them from your teachers, parents and tuition teachers. In fact I have also advocated some good studying/exams tips and techniques to my student during my Singapore physics tuition lesson and in my physics tuition blog. All these knowledge are all good and informative. However, are all these information and knowledge useful to you? It will be if you put them into action. This information will remain as just information if you don’t take any action.

So what’s the secret to doing well in exam? The answer is simple. It is to take action. Not just any action, its action derived from self motivation! Yes this is the most important part of education; the motivation to study and excel. It is only with this motivation that can sustain the student action’s to study when they are faced with other temptation (like television, computers) or difficulties.

I can tell whether my students will score an A in their physics exam or not by seeing if they are motivated to learn. Most of the time during my physics tuition lesson, I will be trying to arouse interest in the students so that they will want to know more about the subjects and from there derive the motivation to learn. It does not matter if the student is clever or not. If he is clever, it will probably be easier for him to understand the things that are taught and it will be faster for him to learn. But for those that are not as clever, it will just take them more effort and longer to learn. But as long as they are motivated to learn and are genuinely interested to learn, they will definitely score well in exams.

So how do you fire up your kid’s interest to study and get them motivated? Or how do you as a student motivate yourself to study? What I can tell you for sure is that It is not easy. It requires constant coaching and reminding. I am not an expert in motivation but some of the common techniques I employ during my physics tuition include making the subjects interesting for my student to learn. Also I encourage them to set goals so that they have a clear target where they can get satisfaction from achieving it.

So this is the secret to doing well in exams. As long as you can motivate yourself to study, I am sure you will excel in whatever subjects you want to.

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