The Last Lecture

I dedicated this post to the best lecture i have ever seen. And yes i have attended hundreds of lectures during my studies and i can say this is the most inspiring lecture i have ever heard. That is why i am here to share it with people who have not seen it yet. It is a bit long but i am sure most of you will sit through it. So sit back and enjoy this wonderful lecture.

My greatest thanks to Randy Pausch for this wonderful and inspiring delivery. Rest Well and God bless your family.

Added (March 28th 2010)
Just wanted to add some take away i have from this lecture.

1)Life is not about what you achieve in the end that matters. What's important is the journey you go through in achieving that goal. If you have seen this lecture, the greatest and most valuable lessons he learned comes from the dream he never really did achieve.

So don't focus on the failing part of that failed test or exams. Look and focus at the valuable lessons that you got out of it instead.

2)There's always a wall that stops you from achieving your dream. And this wall is good as it is a test to see how bad you really want to achieve that dream. It is good as well since it filter out those people that are not really serious so that you get less competitors.

Don't be discourage if you meet with some difficulties or problem as you are working towards your goal. They are merely there to test how bad you really want it.

3)If you give a person enough time, you will see their good side. I find this very true and i truly believe that if you devote enough time and patience in to every child, you will eventually see that they are capable.

This is a good point to take home for all parents and teachers. Give your child and students enough time and patience and you will be surprised what they are capable of.

Please leave me a comment and share with me on your thoughts and take home after seeing The Last Lecture as well.

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