3 techniques to a better physics results.

Again I am going to share some simple studying techniques and methods that I have encouraged my physics tuition student to adopt. These are studying and revision techniques that can help you study more effectively and efficiently.
The 3 methods are as follows:

Revision - Always do constant revision. If you have the time, do it consistently, everyday if possible. If not, at the minimum I will tell my student to at least understand the previous topics taught before the lesson on the next topics begins. This is so that you can catch up with the lesson. You don’t want to sit in class and not understand anything that the teacher is saying because you are unsure about the previous topics. You will be wasting your time if that’s the case. Then you will be spending more time to catch up with the previous topics and the current topics. That will be more ineffective and inefficient right?

Marking down – Always mark down questions that you find challenging and you have difficulty doing. This can really help you saves a lot of time when it comes to revision. You can zoom right to the question that you find difficult and challenging and recap what you don’t quite understand the last time round. You can then quickly remember how to solve these problems. Usually you can learn a lot from questions that you have difficulty doing as they exposes the concepts that you are unclear of. So going straight to those questions can help you revise those concepts faster and easier.

Make notes – Always make notes as you are studying and revising. You can also start making your own notes as the teacher is teaching. Write down small notes to help you understand that concepts or topics. When you are revising and studying, you can reinforce these notes with more points to strengthen your understanding. Doing these not only helps you to understand and remember a concept more clearly, it also helps you to create your own study notes where you can get the main points on any topics quickly and efficiently.

The methods above may require some practice and getting used to. I would suggest trying it slowly for maybe one subject and get used to it first. When you get accustomed to these techniques, you can then adopt them for other subjects. The 3 methods above which I often inculcate in my physics tuition student may seem to be little things. But I am sure that they can help you to save time and study more effectively which means you will have more time for yourself.

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  1. Hi, well i am a O level student that is taking it thid year, and i'm taking pure physics.
    However, my results has always been disastrous ever since sec3... i really don't know what's the exact problem.. probably it's due to the lack of effort. Yet, if i really really want to improve my Physics in a short period of 1 month, would it be possible?