Improve your results in 4 simple steps

I am sure many students and of course parents would like their kids to improve on their current results. Today i am going to share some tips on how students can improve your results and how parents can help them in doing that in 4 simple steps.

First step to improving your results - Goal setting
Before you can improve your results, you have to know what improvement you want to see. If you don't have a target, you don't know what you are aiming for and how can you hit the target. It like shooting an arrow blind folded. Putting in alot of energy but not getting the outcome. Parents can work with their childern to come up with a reasonable goal to achieve. Remember, the goal must be reasonable. For example, if you are constantly getting C for physics test, try setting a goal for B in the next test.

Second step to improving your results - timeline setting
After you have set a goal or target to achieve, you have to set a timeline to achieve that. It can be the next class test, next exam or 2 months from now. Whatever the timeline is make sure it is reasonable for you to achieve that target you have set. Similarly, parents will have to be reasonable on the timeline and cannot expect their kids to improve their results overnight.

Third step to improving your results - Doing up a plan
With the target and time all sorted out. The next step will be come up with a plan to achieve the target in the timeline given. This plan will include how much time you will spend on that subjects and what are the things you will do to help you with achieving that target. For example, if say your target and timeline is to get a B in the next class test in a weeks time. Your plan will be something like:

Day 1: Spend 2 hours revising the test topics
Day 2: Spend 2 hours revising the test topics
Day 3: Spend 2 hours doing questions on that topics
Day 4: Spend 2 hours doing questions on that topics
Day 5: clear any doubts in school with teachers or classmate
Day 6: Spend 4 hours revising the test topics
Day 7 Spend 2 hours practicing on questions

The plan need to be as exact and detailed as possible so that you can follow exactly.
I would advice using a planner to help organizing that.

Fourth and the last step to improving your results - Excute
This is obviously the most crucial step as no changes will happen if there is no effort to make the changes happen. You can have a perfect target and timeline and beautifully organized planner, but without sticking to what's plan. All of that will be useless. Parents will be crucial in this stage to work with their kids and encourage them to stick to whats planned.

So here are 4 simple steps to improving your results . When i say "simple" i don't mean easy. These steps are definitely not east to do, especially the last step. However if you can do these with faith, i am sure you will see improvement in your results.

I strongly recommend using this strategy in planning for major exams. Spend some time in setting the goal, timeline and planning. Make sure you are convinced that they are reasonable so that you will stick to the plan.

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