A good tutor for physics tuition?

How can you find a good tutor for your physics tuition? Well here are some of the factors of a good tuition teacher.

1. A good physics tutor is able to explain complex and difficult physics concept in a simple way so that you can understand. If you are having trouble understanding what your physics tuition teacher is talking about, i am guessing that its time to change.

2. A good physics tutor should be able to help you "visualize" physics. Since physics is about physical phenomenon and what is common in our daily lives, it should be a lot easier for you to understand physics if you can visual it.

3. A good physics tutor should be able to point out what you are strong and weak in. He should be able to understand what method are more effective for you to learn. In additional to that, he should be able to motivate you to learn.

I am talking about physics tuition and tutors here but i am sure that it is more or less application to many science and math subjects.

To finish off, I have one last point to add if you have a good physics tutor. You have to look forward to physics tuition. If you are dragging your feet to go for tuition, then i would suggest you rethink if the tutor is right for you.

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