10 steps to mind mapping

I remember in my previous posting on How to study for exam lesson 4, I have advocated mind mapping as a great study tool to help you remember stuff. Well here are 10 simple steps to creating your mind maps. You all can make use of the holiday to practice creating mind maps for past topics.

1.Start with a blank sheet of paper. It can be any size. A blank one not the one with lines to restrict how your mind map grows.

2.Start with the Central topic at the center of the paper. E.g Kinematics. Use images to enhance the idea.

3.Branch out the Main ideas from the Central topic. E.g Dist/ Disp, Speed/velocity, Acceleration. Use thick branches for the main ideas. Subsequently, use thinner branches for sub ideas.

4.  Use different colours for different branches. This will make it easier to link and connect ideas.

5. Maintain one word per branch and keep the word on top of the branch. Keeping it to one word will allow generation of additions ideas.

6.Add images whenever you can instead of words. You know a pictures speaks a thousand words and you can remember pictures better than words.

7.Add arrows or connectors between branches and ideas showing the linkages between related concepts.

8.Use capital letters and be creative with your mind map to help you retain it much better and easier.

9.Don't be too bother by repeated ideas or points. you can link them up later.

10. Lastly HAVE FUN DOING IT. if not you will not do it the next time.

Below shows an example of a mind map. Yours don't have to be the same as it. Don't restrict your creativity to this example. Enjoy creating your first mind map!!!

So the above are the 10 simple steps to creating your first mind maps.
Below is a pretty good book for mind mapping.

If you are keen in furthering mind mapping and use it to help you in your studies or business you can get the book and learn more on mind mapping.

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  1. does all the subject suit mind mapping?history?

  2. history is the best subject to mindmap with.