Physics Tuition

Was busy the last 2 weeks giving Physics tuition. I would say that this is the most challanging assignment yet.

Was left with 2 weeks to coach a secondary 4 boy from F9 to A2. Well at least thats the target that i gave him and myself....

Its not 2 weeks actually. It was only 6 lessons of 2 hours. Thats only 12 HOURS !!!!!

Those was the most stressful 12 hours i had with any students. trying to cramp everything that i know about physic into his head within such a short time.

But the good things is, after coaching him for 6 lessons, I think he have a very good chance of passing the paper and probably get an A.

Hopfully he will put in all his effort into studying for paper 2 and paper 1and i wished the best for him.

Will post his results when its released. Hope it will improve after my Physics tuition

P.S. Kindly send me an email: if you would like a trial Physics Tuition lesson.

Please leave me a comment or email if you have any problem studying or tutoring. I will try my best to reply you ASAP.

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