Physics Tuition - Kinematics Graphs I

Sketch the displacement, velocity and acceleration time graph of a ball dropped off at a height of 5m. The ball takes 1s to reach the ground. Assume no air resistance. (sketch for 4 seconds)


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  1. hi, my name is Shahzad and i didn't understood that answer graph. As in the question they say that the ball touches the gorund every 1s to why did u skached it at 1s and then at 2s?

  2. The question says that the ball is dropped from a height and it takes 1 s to reach the ground after being dropped. Therefore, for the first part of the graph, it take 1 s for the ball to fall and reach the ground. Subsequently, the ball will have to bounce back to the height before it can fall back to the ground again. This explains why it takes 2 s for the ball to hit the ground again.

  3. Hi,
    i m Zair. i m a student. can u tell me about the second graph...
    in velocity. why is it 10 instead of 5.
    because. velocity is m/s. it is meter covered in one second. so in one second 5 meter is covered by the ball.
    if its 10 meters, the seconds will be 2.
    please reply as soon as possible???

  4. The maximum velocity is 10 m/s because the acceleration is 10m/s2. Since the ball has 1 second to fall, it can reach a maximum velocity of 10m/s. Note that the gradient of the velocity-time graph give the acceleration