3 tips to Study SMART not HARD

Exams are round the corner and I am sure most of you are studying hard and preparing for them. Before you dive right into studying, I would like to share with you some tips on how to study smart and not hard. In this article, I’m going to write about 3 ways that you can make use of to study smarter and not harder.
First tip, know the optimum study duration. Well I would say that you are very hard working if you study 8 hours a day. However are you studying smart? Are those 8 hours spent on the books effective or are you just staring at the notes? Let me share with you some research on optimum study duration. Research has shown that the optimum duration is around 40-45 minutes. That’s why most lessons and lectures in school are structured around this optimum time. Each period for a lesson is about 40-45 minutes. After which the lecturer or teacher will give the student about 5 – 10 minutes break before continuing. You should also plan your study schedule according to the optimum studying duration. Focus and study for around 40-45 minutes and then take a 5- 10 minutes break for your brain and eyes to rest and refresh before continuing. Doing that will make sure that when you are studying, you are really learning and not spending your time staring blanking into your notes or books.

Second tip, know which subject to study first. I am sure most of you have many subjects to study. You have Languages, Sciences and humanities etc. So which one do you start first? Well I would advise you all to start with the subject you have the least interest first. In that way, you are fresh when you first start and that energy can help you go through that least interested subject with focus and concentration. Subsequently, move on to the subject that you have the most interest. And by the time you are at your most interested subject, you will be tired from all that studying. But fortunately, you are at your most interested subject and your interest in that subject will spur you to focus and study it.

Tip 3, study in the morning or night. There are researches which show that some person work more effectively during the night than during the day. So find out if you are a morning or night person. See if you can understand and absorb more effectively during the day or night. If you are a morning person, wake up a bit earlier to start studying and if you are a night person, well stay up a bit later to study. Also you can do the intense studying during your effective study time. While spending the less effective study time doing intense work like organizing your notes etc.

So above are the 3 tips to study smart and not hard. So while you are burying yourself in those notes and books, think of these 3 tips and see if you can apply them and study smarter and not harder.

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  1. How To Study More In Less Time
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    • Use flashcards.
    • Use mnemonic devices.
    • Rewrite your notes.
    • Take practice exams.
    • Create a game.
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