End of examinations!!

Its the time of the year again... the time where the examinations ended and the holiday begin!!!

This is the time where most of the students take a deserving break after working so hard for the end of year examinations. Some of my Physics Tuition students are going overseas with friends or family for a good holiday tour. Besides taking a break from studies, there are many holiday supplementary courses out there to help those of you who think you didn't do well this time round. There are also many others workshops on many different learning aspect to enrich your learning experiences

I know of a company, EdValue, who are actively organising talks, workshops and seminars for students as well as parents to add value to the kids learning. They are also the organizer of the Singapore Education Summit last and this year. Recently they are organizing a Creative Writing workshop for kids. If you are interested, click on the image below for details.

Well regardless of what you do during this holiday, make sure you enjoy and make the most of it. Don't end this month long break feeling like you have wasted another month of your youth. 

Creative Writing

P.S. Kindly contact me if you would like a trial Physics Tuition lesson or if you have any problem studying or tutoring. I will try my best to reply you ASAP. Also please leave me a comment!!! Thanks....

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