Physics Tuition - Play video game to do well in studies!!

Play video games to do well in studies!!?? Sounds too good to be true? The title of the post seems to encourage students to play more video games to help them in their studies. Don't get me wrong. This is not my intention. What I meant to say is that we can learn a lot from video games and playing them occasionally is alright.

I am sure most of you (parent and students included) play video games. Many of you should have experience getting hooked on playing Candy crush (myself included) or any other games. You just have to get to the next stage and beat the next highest score. Have you ever wondered why are we so interested in playing and challenging video games levels but not so when it comes to studying?

If you had noticed how video games are designed, they usually starts from an easy level and moving progressively to more and more challenging levels. This is intentional. The reason is to give players a taste of success so that players will continue to play the games. This is the key to motivation!

Imagine playing a game where you couldn't get past level 1 after numerous tries. Would you still continue? I doubt so. Most likely you will give up and blame it on the design of the game or your skills in playing the game. This is the same as studying. If you have never passed any Physics test before, you will just blame it on Physics being too difficult or blame yourself for not being smart enough and give up on the subject and no amount of Physics Tuition can help.

In order to give students the motivation to continue challenging a game level or a difficult physics questions, the must have a taste of success first. Start with the easy level! Show them that they can do it. Starts with the basic and eventually they will be motivated to challenge more difficult levels and questions.

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  3. Indeed physical games are most important to get fresh your mind, after that you can study better, human mind needs it.
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